KV Kortrijk Anderlecht : Hakim Luqman FotoVDB / BART VANDENBROUCKE
KV Kortrijk Anderlecht : Hakim Luqman FotoVDB / BART VANDENBROUCKE

The Journey of Luqie!

The journey of Luqie will tell the story of a young boy who dreamt of playing football in Europe.

Luqman Hakim is the biggest talent of Malaysian football, who only has one dream: playing football in Europe at the highest level. It will be a long and hard journey with a lot of highs but also lows. When arriving in Belgium with KV Kortrijk late August 2020, due to an injury and Covid-19, Luqie didn’t play an official game in his home country since December 2019.

Since his arrival at KV Kortrijk #TheJourneyOfLuqie started and will go on. And last weekend, only 2 months after his arrival, he made his debut for the first team of KV Kortrijk. We made the first leg of an ongoing documentary. This first leg will show you the beginning of the journey of “Luqie”.

This documentary will launch November 1st only on this website! You will need to be registered to be able to watch the documentary in premiere.

The Journey of Luqie

Due to all the great support Luqman Hakim is getting from his home country, we offer all Malaysians to see an exclusive documentary about the journey of Luqman.

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On the 6th of August 2020, after months of speculation, KV Kortrijk announces Luqman Hakim as their newest player. #TheJourneyOfLuqie at KV Kortrijk will now officially begin. The first Malaysian player ever to wear the red and white uniform of the club. And the first Malaysian player ever to play in the Belgian first football division. Luqman joins KV Kortrijk from Malaysian top-flight club, FA Selangor.

Luqman suffered an injury on December 2019, after which he was working on his comeback for 3 months. When he could make his comeback, Covid-19 postponed his return.

On the 26th of August, Luqman plays his first (friendly) game on European soil with the U21 of KV Kortrijk. The game was lost by 1-4 against KRC Genk, with Luqman Hakim scoring his first goal on his European debut after he wins the ball in the six-yard box and punishes the error made by the defender.

On the 4th of September, a day after his first training session with the first team, Luqman joins the squad for a friendly game against BX Brussels and gets himself ten minutes to prove he belongs to the first team. Our head coach Yves Vanderhaeghe lets him play the second half. After ten minutes into the second half he releases a powerful and technical shot to make it 2-0 for KV Kortrijk. A very beautiful goal.

Luqman has made his first competitive appearance for KV Kortrijk. After two months in Belgium, he played twenty minutes in a 1-3 loss against RSC Anderlecht.

For the 18-year-old Malaysian striker it’s his first professional game in Europe. Luqman now is the first ever Malaysian player to play in the Pro League, the Belgian first division.